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Illuminate the possibilities of technology for visual inspection.

At Luo, we are convinced technology can safely improve manual operations.

Helping people to relieve labour-intensive tasks by automating these processes, gives us the energy to develop innovative solutions. Combining our passion for technology with strong collaborations with clients ensures valuable, practical applications.

We make automated visual inspection accessible.

Luo improves the visual inspection of liquids for pharmaceutical applications. We research, develop, and produce automated visual inspection machines that relieve the manual tasks. We believe that this technology should be accessible to both larger and smaller companies. Showing proof and sharing knowledge guarantees a successful implementation of our machine in your facility.

VI-Assist: Automated visual inspection for pharmaceutical applications.

The VI-Assist is used to automate the visual inspection of liquids in syringes, ampoules, and vials in GMP environments. The VI-Assist is compliant to GAMP5 and FDA 21 CFR part 11, and can be validated against the latest European and U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards. 
Dimensions90 x 50 x 60 cm
Speedup to 1.000 pieces/hour
Container TypesSyringes, ampules, vials

Effortless interaction.

The machine’s interface guides the entire interaction, from the start of a new batch to the evaluation of older batches. After entering the batch details, an operator loads a tray or nest. The machine starts the inspection and delivers the checked containers, leaving out the defective containers with their reason for exclusion.

Direct support
We care about supporting every step of the process and are always actively solving your questions. From implementation to upgrade, we are here to provide a great experience.
Easy implementation

Our tabletop design allows for easy installation without requiring a dedicated room or large surface area. No special adjustments are needed for placement, as the VI-Assist can be plugged into your existing power supply (230V).

Using state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms, new recipes or new containers can easily be added to the machine. In this way, even small batches can be inspected automatically.

Consistent quality
All hardware and software used in the VI-Assist is developed according to GAMP5 guidelines and CE regulations. Our team of experts has dedicated themselves to delivering the highest quality and the machine has gone through extensive testing cycles.

Genuine interest and personal service.

Luo provides quality during every step of the process. We make sure to always be there with our unconditional support. We want to know our clients by name, hear about their main challenges and help solving them. Do you want to know more about Luo? Please get in touch!


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